Featured Event: Wine Camp!

3 Week Series

Wine 101 - Intro to Wine
Thursdays 6-8pm March 24th - April 7th
This class is perfect for the beginner who is interested
in learning the basics: What is Wine - teminology
and history. How is wine made - white vs. red. How to taste
wine. Learn the secrets to ordering and buying wine.
Understanding wine - temperature, storage and glassware.
$69 - Instuctor: Buzz Kawders (space is limited).

Wine 201 - The Next Step
Thursdays 6-8pm April 21st - May 5th
In this class you take your wine knowledge to the next level -
Learn how to identify obvious flaws in wine, why some
wines age better than others, wine for food vs. wine for
sipping, understanding varietals from around the world
and how to read a label.
$69 - Instructor Buzz Kawders (space is limited).

Wine 301 - Complete the Journey
Thursdays 6-8pm May 12th - May 26th
Perfect for the ultimate wine geek! In this class you will learn
critical tasting - analyze like a pro. Vine to wine - from the
vineyard to the bottle. Terroir - new world/old world. Nurture
vs. nature. Putting it all together with our guest winemaker.
$69 - Instructor Buzz Kawders (space is limited).



Everything Bubbles - Why it’s the world’s greatest wine

Mother’s Day May 8th- at Capitello Wines 2-4pm - $39



The misunderstood wines - Rediscover Rose and Riesling

TBD at Bennett Vineyards - $39. SIGN ME UP!


Tasting 101 - Take the intimidation out of wine! $29

90 minute seminar.Ask about having this as a private event in your home!


Technical Tasting - Learn to taste like a pro - $39


Women in Wine - Oregon’s Female Wine Pioneers -$39


Food & Wine Pairing with guest chef - $59
Learn the essentials of choosing the perfect wine to compliment your meal. With Guest Chef Garret Kirsch

Get Social - Wine Marketing and Blogging - $49
TBD - At Oregon Wine Lab 11-5pm
Interested in working in the wine industry as a marketer or
blogger? Learn from the pros on how they got a foot in the
door. Guest speakers include Wine Julia and Denise Rossetti.

Servers/Industry - Price determined by size of staff
Hire Wine Events Oregon to train your staff - pair your menu,
sell wine, present wine, etc...


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