WineBuzz… The Blog Who knew! A few years ago I scoffed at finding the time to read blogs. And now, here I am, writing one. Not only that, but this could be a regular thing!

Step 1…Name your Blog. Seriously; Could this be called anything other than “WineBuzz”? Didn’t think so. Step 2… Write from the Heart. Perhaps the one, single blog that finally got me to pay attention to thevalue of communicating in this fashion, is the brilliant blog written by a friend of mine - Wine Julia. Smart. Sincere. Informative. I can’t promise that this blog will always be smart, sincere or informative. I am not a trained writer and those who know me will tell you that there is some doubt as to whether I’m even a trained thinker. I’m more of a “tell you what’s on my mind, shoot from the hip” kind of guy. So the only thing that I can promise is that this will be entertaining. For sure for me, if not always for you. Yes, I will strive for smart, sincere and informative. And I am sure that you will let me know when I hit the mark - or when I miss. This is our journey and the destination is enjoying wine. Buckle Up! Cheers!

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