Sweet? Pink? Really?

I get it. Those of us who have chosen wine as our vocation, our purpose get it. We know better. But I am reminded all too frequently that our industry is riddled with stereotypes that are hugely unfair. No, I’m not talking people, I’m talking WINES! Nowhere is this more evident than when someone mentions “sweet” or “pink” in the same sentence with “wine”. What a travesty.

Some of my greatest wine drinking experiences have involved a sweet or pink wine. And some of the most sought after, collectable and age- worthy wines are “sweet” or “pink”. To dismiss entire categories of wine because of the successful, mass marketing of some less than worthy examples is just plain wrong. Yes! Johannisberg Riesling and White Zin… I am talking about you. But make no mistake; first and foremost I am all about enjoying what is in your glass. And if that is sweet or pink? Who made us judge and jury. At Wine Events Oregon we focus a lot on wine education but with an understanding that “if you like it, it’s good”. Through our classes and workshops we try to guide you through the nuances of wine. Education is an important component of our tours and events. And, yes, they are a heck of a lot of fun. By popular demand, I am going to incorporate sweet and pink into our class schedule. I invite any of you who think of Riesling as “sweet” or pink as “entry level” to sign up and discover the other side. It is a big, wonderful world of wine out there. Join Wine Events Oregon on our journey to bring it to you. Cheers!

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