Boy, Are You Missing Out!

So for years I had this good friend who also happened to be a priest. This was his favorite time of the year… The Christmas Season. I am sure it had something to do with his deep-seated faith, but I also think it had something to do with those parishioners that made their “annual” visit. So what does that have to do with wine? Well, those of you that know me well know that I am on a “Bubbles” mission. And that little story is for all of you who waited till New Years to pop that bottle. You know who you are! You who feel the need to wait till that one occasion a year when it is time to “celebrate”! Those of you who can go all year as a wine believer yet, somehow, never seem to fully commit to that bottle of bubbly. For you, the title of this blog post… Boy, are you missing out!

So my New Years resolution is the same every year. To convert all you non-believers. To make bubbly drinkers of you all! Really! How bad could that be? You just need to believe. There is no greater wine than bubbly. Call it what you will from sparkling wines to those masterful Champagnes. Your wine drinking experiences will be elevated by drinking bubbly. I often tell the anecdote that I would always greet dinner guests to my home with a flute of bubbly. Inevitably, the first words out of their mouth would be “what’s the occasion”? How powerful is a wine that the simple act of handing someone a glass of it denotes a special moment. Try that with Chardonnay, Cab or Merlot and you might get a “Thank You”. So why not spoil your friends and family more often than New Years. They’re worth it. And while we are on the subject, next time you are making that special dinner serve bubbly. Seafood? – Bubbly! Shellfish? – Bubbly! Steak? – Bubbly! Mac & Cheese? – Bubbly! See a pattern here? Bubbly makes everything taste better.

And we have so many wonderful producers of great sparklers here in the Pacific Northwest… some of the very best right here in our back yard. Give them a shot. They are brilliantly made and represent some of the best quality for price values you will ever find in a bottle of wine. If you still have any doubt, sign up for my Bubbly class at Wine Events Oregon. Yep, we know how to have fun! Yes, my dear friends, salvation is at hand! Remember, you just have to believe! Cheers

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