Feeling Romantic Yet?

Ah yes, February. And not just any February but Leap Year! So we will spend the month with scenes of couples walking hand in hand at sunset, construction paper hearts being exchanged in classrooms and little chocolate kisses hugging each other on conveyor belts. Oh Romance! How I love these times. Of course, this is right up my alley as romance and wine are inseparable. And, luckily for me, I know a little something about one of those.

I could be writing this post on which wine to pair for that perfect romantic dinner. Or, maybe the role of wine in romantic celebrations. Maybe try to explain why making wine is somehow synonymous with some grand romantic gesture. And all of that might be more entertaining. Instead, you are stuck with my musings on wine and romance. You really didn’t think that you would actually learn anything from these posts, did you?

With apologies to all the great chefs who work so hard to create those perfect dining experiences… for me… well there has never been a romantic evening that quite compared to a night of stories and smiles shared over a nice bottle of Bordeaux and some cheese. (Truth be told, those moments have been replaced by Oregon Pinot and homemade pizza… but you get the point). And why is that? TIME! I have been told over the years that I’m “trainable”. I guess, for a romantic, that’s a good thing. And what I have “learned” is that romance is about time. Making it. Sharing it. Appreciating it. And isn’t that what wine is all about? It should come as no surprise that the two go hand in hand. You can’t rush making good wine or it’s enjoyment. Nobody is walking into his or her favorite sports bar on Wilson Street asking for a shot of Merlot. You never hear someone say “I’ll have a glass of Cabernet with a Bourbon back!” Nope, wine stands alone. Sure it pairs well. And it is just at home with a meal of fine dining or a picnic on the coast. But it really shines on it’s own. It doesn’t have to be the star. It is quite happy just being there, contributing in it’s own way. Yet, somehow, you can’t ignore it. Think Ryan Gosling in every romantic comedy ever made.

You know what I mean. When you need to reach out and take that lingering sip while you figure out the next thing to say... it’s there for you. When you want to raise that glass in a toast for no other reason than you needed an excuse to stare into those eyes one more time… it’s there. And with wine there is a certain hope of moments shared. Open a bottle of wine and it says “ I want to spend time with you. No rush. And if we finish this bottle… well, I have more.” And, when all is said and done, isn’t that the essence of romance? Time, and the promise that there is always more?

So “Happy February”! Pull those corks. Break out the cheese or chocolates. Celebrate romance. Celebrate love. Celebrate you. As for me? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another pinot and pizza night. February will be gone before you know it and we will be stuck with March. Green Riesling anybody? Cheers

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