What Up, Peeps

And now for a little whimsy. I know you have all been saying to yourselves... "I wish someone would just write a post and help me with wine pairings for my Easter candy ".

Well wish no more. I hear your cries for help. So, without further delay, here are my top six pairings for you.

Candy: PEEPS. Sugary, marshmallow goodness that you know you want to cheat and eat year 'round but pretend you will only have at Easter " for old times sake".

Wine: So I will go with the obvious here. Bubbles. Yes, sadly often only an annual indulgence as well, but not for that reason. Bubbly, particularly the dry type, has that wonderful ability to cut through the sweetness of this treat. We really want that crisp acidity and those scrubbing bubbles to cleanse our palate for the next bite.

Candy: MILK CHOCOLATE BUNNY . An Easter go to. Personally, I prefer the hollow version but both hollow and solid pair equally well. What can be said about chocolate that hasn't been said before.

Wine: Red, clearly. And in my current mood I am going to go with a nice Syrah here. I think the dark fruit notes of blackberry, blueberries and currants go great with milk chocolate. And just the right hint of spice adds an unexpected touch. Of course, if you are biting the ears off a bunny, you clearly have a sweet tooth. So to take it to that next level, a young Port would also do nicely. Similar flavors with more sweet delight.

Candy: CADBURY CREME EGG . A newer " go to" for many, though I haven't warmed up to them yet. As the name implies, the heart of this treat is the egg yolk like center wrapped in English chocolate madness. We're talking thick, sticky sugar here.

Wine: Surprise!!! Chardonnay. The "yolk" in this is so dominant that you almost have to pretend the chocolate isn't there. You want a simple, oaky, buttery Chardonnay here. Think value priced. Think California.

Candy: ROBINS EGGS . Ok. I'll admit it. I kinda really like these. And, yes, I nibble the candy coated chocolate off before savoring the malted goodness. You know what I'm saying.

Wine: Pinot Noir. I don't know if I really need to explain this. I'm looking for something with a little lighter mouthfeel, full of flavor and balanced. But this was not a gimme. You could just as easily choose a nice, dry rose to pair up as well. I'm not saying no to either.

Candy: MARSHMALLOW EGG . All marshmallow is not equal (sorry Peeps), and the chocolate coating makes a difference. Definitely a more refined version of marshmallow classics.

Wine: Riesling. Yep. And one huge reason is that you have such a wonderful range here. Go sweet. Go dry. It really depends on how the candy strikes you. Take a bite and take a sip. Hold it.... Ahhh.!

Candy: JELLYBEAN . Of Course! Now, if you know me, you know that I consider Jelly Belly to be one of the five perfect foods ever created. But that's not what we're talking about here. Nope. These are those big, fat orbs of gelatin made for color not flavor. Don't ever confuse the two.

Wine: Gewurtztraminer. This is where that lovely spicy note of a good Gewurtz shines. What we are going for here is a wine that has enough flavor on it's own to make you forget the mouthful of artificial coloring you are chewing on. Go with a wine with lovely stone fruit ( peach, apricots) flavors.

Honorable mention... Reese Peanut Butter eggs and Zinfandel.

So, that was fun. You should have seen the "research ". Now how about you give me your favorites.


Oh, lest I forget my wine recommendation... Best wine I've had recently? Capitello 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Croft Vineyard. Spectacular. Incredible aromas, almost floral. And, in the glass, mouthfuls of tropical fruit. Guava, mango, passion fruit. Preaching to the choir here. Made in an egg ( yes, that's a real thing). Stop by the winery and ask them to show you, then taste for yourself.

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