10 Reasons....

So, I get this text asking me what the next blog will be about. I'm just going to assume that wanting a new post is a good thing. And I'm sticking to that.

I got to thinking... What might someone say that would get you to raise a glass...and what wine would it be? So, without further ado...

10 "Congratulations. You have been pre-approved!"

Yep. Celebrate, but in that we're responsible and frugal kind of way. I'm going to go with a simple, moderately priced California Chardonnay.

9 "It's a boy". (Ok, you can substitute girl, if you prefer)

Ah! A family. And for me, family is all about big, red wine. In my case, Italian. This calls for a nice, reserve Chianti.

8 "Pretty sure it's only a sprain "

I put this in the wishful thinking category. You just know better. There will be a cast and the only choice you have is what color. For this, I'm going with a slightly bitter Sauvignon Blanc.

7 "I now pronounce you..."

What can I say. Love. Hope. Dreams. Life is full of such promise. And your glass should only be full of one wine. Champagne. 'Nuff said.

6 "And the winning Powerball number is.."

Come on, admit it. You've played the what if game too. So as you are double checking your numbers while leaning over the kitchen sink... You are drinking whatever was left over from last night. I'm guessing Merlot.

5 "Registration and insurance, please."

Well, it could be worse, right? At least it not "would you please step out of your vehicle ". So let's keep it light and worry free. Pinot Gris, preferably Oregon.

4 "I'd really like the opportunity to see you again."

We all remember that feeling, don't we? On top of the world. So this calls for something elegant with just a hint of sweetness. Hello Riesling..

3 "We've decided to go in a different direction."

Never a good way to end a conversation under any circumstance. Time for that big, angry red. And more than one glass, please. Cabernet would work, but I'd need an unapologetic Spanish Rioja... Thank you very much!

2 "Please prepare your seat back for landing. The temperature in Maui is.."

Sorry... I drifted off there for a minute. Sunrise at Haleakala. Waterfalls on the road to Hana. Mahi Mahi at Mamas Fish house... Perfection!!! And the worlds most perfect wine? Pinot Noir. Done!

1 "I hope we can still be friends"

Been there. Right. No explanation necessary. If ever there was a reason to drink... So for this I'm going with...FIREBALL! The heck with wine. I need to forget!!!

So there you are. As if you really needed an excuse! oh, and HAPPY NATIONAL WINE DAY!


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