Wine Camp!

Ahh... The great outdoors. Long bike rides, leisurely hikes up tall mountains, afternoon runs along the river trails... Nothing that you are likely to ever catch me doing. Unless, of course, I am invited to do so by an attractive lady and I can bring along copious amounts of wine.

Add to that list, camping. Oh, don't go making faces. I tried it. Gave it a real effort. Bought a tent, all the required goodies to make it comfortable and enough bug repellent to keep Monsanto in business for another decade. Don't remember too much of the experience (did I mention the need for copious quantities of wine?) other than waking up in a torrential downpour with one arm and leg extended outside through the base of the tent having lost all feeling in those extremities hours before.

So let me invite you all to Wine Camp. Camping for me, people like me and even real campers. And did I mention the copious quantities of wine?

Wine Events Oregon hosts this annual event and, I have been told by dozens of previous attendees, that it is hard to find a better way to spend a weekend. Trust me, I have heard the stories (at least the ones that were repeatable) and this is a good time.

Have a very large tent, queen size bed, chandelier and music that you need to take camping? This is your chance. And, no, I did not just make that up and there are pictures to prove it.

This year, Wine Camp will be held out at Bennett Winery on their beautiful vineyard estate and it will be memorable. Great food from a great chef, wine pairings, excursions, story telling and wine education from yours truly, culminating Saturday evening in a winemaker dinner that will have you all feeling like family. Then there are the s'mores. And in case you need an excuse, there are always the mimosas on Sunday.

Wine Camp is August 13th and 14th this year. You won't want to miss the chance to be there. I suggest you go to Wine Events Oregon and follow the links or just head to and check it out. If the photos don't convince you, nothing will.

Except for the fact that you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you were there the weekend that Buzz camped. Put that on the list with true love and Sasquatch. See you there!


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