I survived! Wine Camp 2016!

Ok. You saw my post on camping a couple posts ago. So you know that me and camping are words not often used together in my universe. So imagine the glee I was feeling as the weekend of Wine Camp approached. The things I agree to do for friends!

That said... I survived! Actually, not only did I survive but it was an absolutely amazing, fun filled, sharing laughter, eating great food, drinking great wine, telling fun stories, catching up with old friends kind of weekend. And who ever gets enough of those??

Ok, I'm still not a convert to the whole camping thing. I suppose the borrowed REI passages backpack tent for one (yep, it's a lonely life) might not have been the best vessel to change my opinion. That, and the other campers pointing and laughing at it as they headed to their 4 bedroom tents complete with inflatable queen mattresses, lanterns and blankets. Did I mention my surplus sleeping bag on a foam pad?

But I digress.

Huge thank you to Denise, Alyssa and Ashley from Wine Events Oregon for putting on the camp and working so unbelievably hard to make it such a wonderful experience.

Thanks to Chef Garret and Felicia (Northwest Burgers at 5th Street Market) for the world class food and making my job of pairing the wines so easy.

Thank you to Gene and Lisa Bennett for their winery, the use of the whole property and the amazing wines that we got to consume all weekend. And thanks to all my fellow campers. You guys were great sports as I tried to impart a little wisdom and fun into our tasting classes.

Loved that I got to catch up with some familiar faces and share stories with I new friends. I particularly appreciate the advice on how to get the red wine stains out of my clothes. I'll let you know if it works!

So here is something that will get most people who know me wondering if I was abducted by aliens.... I can't wait for next years camp. Yep, heard that right (!!)


Not surprisingly, I mostly can't wait to see all those cool people again. Yes, even those of you who showed up in campers and trailers.

Did I mention my tent for one?


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