WINES FOR FALL ... SLEEPERS! Part 1 - Whites

So after my last blog, touching on drinks with philosophers and heads exploding, it was suggested to me that (in lieu of checking into rehab) I might want to spend a blog or two writing wine reviews and recommendations. You know, just to clear my head. Clear my head? Do you folks NOT get that you can't review wine without drinking it?

Still, I decided to take the advice and talk about wines for Fall.

Now it would be very easy to just go with conventional wisdom and rave about popular red wines and why they are perfect for stormy Fall nights. But... Have you met me? So let's start with six WHITE wine picks, focusing on the unconventional. First up...

GIOCATO. 2014 Sauvignon Blanc. (Slovenia)

Did you catch that? Slovenia. This is an amazing wine from one of the top winemakers in all of Eastern Europe. Lovely notes of Asian pear and citrus. Wonderful minerality. Clean, crisp and full of flavor.

DIGNITAT 2014 Garnatxa Blanca. (Spain)

A beautiful, earthy white Grenache from Catalunya, Spain. Herbaceous in a good way. Notes of stone fruit and citrus. Low acidity. Well made wine perfect for Fall.

In fairness, White Grenache on its own can often feel and taste flabby. This one does not and shows off a skilled hand.

VALLEVO 2015 Trebbiano. (Italy)

Just love this wine. For those of you unfamiliar with the Trebbiano grape, it is the principle grape in Cognac. Not often used on its own, it is more common to find it blended with other regional grapes. I picked this one for Fall because I love the slightly nutty flavors and crisp citrus tones. Not really a sipper, but amazing with grilled veggies and other Fall favorites. I could drink a bottle on my own with a big bowl of butternut squash soup.

R. WESS WACHAUER. 2012 Gruner Veltliner. (Austria)

So many nuances to this wine. Lightly aromatic, bright, balanced and crisp. Flavors of pear, peaches and mandarins with a hint of (are you ready?) white pepper. There is a nice note of raw clover honey to this wine. Give me a Fall rainstorm and a couple glasses of this and I'm good.

JOSEPH DROUHIN. 2013 La Foret. (France)

A must have Burgundy for me. One of the most classic expressions of Chardonnay. There is no better season to be drinking this wine than Fall. First, we don't feel the need to chill it mercilessly and kill it. And this lightly oaked version has great fruit, amazing balance and complexity and a long finish. What more could you want?

MAYU. 2015 Pedro Ximenez. (Chile)

A repeat recommendation from me. Mostly cuz I love saying Pedro Ximenez. People still look at me funny when I tell them that's the grape. More widely used in the production of Pisco, this grape makes wonderful wine. Try this one and see for yourself. Bursting with floral and fruit aromas with fresh acidity and a memorable finish. A real Fall winner.

So now I just want to invite my muse over, light the fireplace and work our way down the list. How bad can that be. Next up... Six Red Wines!


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